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Crooked Teeth??

You have crooked teeth and you are past the age where all your friends wore braces????? Dont drop the smile.. there are other ways to get a straight smile !

Lets us look at the options :

Say if you have gaps between your teeth (the gap is called a diastema) , your dentist maybe able to fill the area with a tooth coloured restorative material, thus eliminating the need for braces. Ofcouse, this will work only if the gaps are mild to moderate!

Alternatively, a crown may also be placed to elongate or shorten a tooth. These crowns are usually made of porcelain and cannot be differentiated by most people as being artificial.

These methods will not work if you have gross misalignment.. In those cases, braces are a must to correct them! But there are braces that dont resemble a steel factory in your mouth :P

Lingual Braces - Instead of placing brackets on the front of your teeth, specially made brackets can be placed at the back of your teeth. This literally hides your braces from view! And all the corrections that are done with regular braces can be done with them too!!!

Invisalign - These are clear, removable teeth aligners that are worn successively as your teeth move! They are clear and so essentially are so much better in the cosmetic sense! But your dentist will expect you to wear them for 20 - 22 hours a day!

Ceramic brackets - These are similar to normal braces but instead of the steel brackets, ceramic ones are used. These usually blend with tooth in appearance and are inconspicuous.

Apart from being pleasant to look at, aligned teeth also have the benefit of being self cleansing and easy to brush. Plaque and tartar formation is also reduced. So , go ahead! Its never too late to correct your smile.. Keep smiling - Healthy!!!!!

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