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Wat do u do with a toothbrush??!! :P

Impertinent question? As a part of taking a dental history, I ask patients how they brush. The variety of answers that I've heard proves one thing. Most people dont know how to brush. If u r one of the lucky ones who do know how to ,. well .. here's a "brush - up" for u :P

Brushing involves thoroughly cleansing the outer surfaces of a tooth. This should include removal of any plaque or food debris. Like I said earlier, tooth brushing should be done a minimum of twice a day. Its ideal to use a soft bristled toothbrush. Using a regular or a powered one is left to your choice, as is the brand.

Now for the procedure :

1. We divide the oral cavity into upper jaw and lower jaw.
2.Each are divided into the right half and the left half.
3. Start from the lower left half, come to the lower front teeth and go to the lower right half. 4.Similarly for the upper jaw.
5.The tooth brush is placed such that the bristles lie on the area where the teeth and gums meet. 6.Back and forth motion is given and the area is
gently brushed in this manner. All the surfaces of the teeth should be cleaned by this short back and forth motion.


I've added a video to illustrate the point. You may be in a hurry, but do brush atleast for two minutes.. Remember to clean your tongue and the inner surface of the upper teeth which people tend to forget.

There,... with that smile, you are going to win all the way today . Keep up the good work and keep smiling ... Healthy!!!

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