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When your tooth goes.. Owwwwwwwww!!!!

Sensitivity of a tooth is the painful response to your favourite ice cream and hot cocoa or even the versatile laddoo !! ( thast definitely not the official definition :P)

Let us first see how a tooth is built..

The portion of the tooth that is visible in the mouth is called the CROWN of the tooth. This crown is made of an outer tough covering called the enamel. Under this is a softer yellowish dentin. This dentin consists of various tubes which connect with the pulp. The pulp is the life of the tooth because of the bloodvessels and nerves in it.

When the enamel layer is lost because of a fractured or a worn out tooth or even when there are cavities where enamel is lost, the dentin with its tubules is exposed. So when a hot or cold or sweet food touches the dentin , it goes straight to the pulp and the pulp responds with a tremendous Owwwwww.

Do we have any treatment for this?? Dont despair..

U can try out various tooth pastes that contain
strontium chloride and potassium nitate that will block the tubes in the dentin.. (do check if you are allergic to these toothpastes.)

Ideally though, you should see a dentist who will rule out presence of any cavities and advise you about the best course of treatment.

When the sensitivity gets moderate to severe, a dentist can help u by,

1. Filling the cavities if present.
2. Replacing lost enamel with a tooth coloured restorative material.
3. Sealing the dentinal tubules with a bonding agent.
4. Placing a cap or an artificially made crown so that the offending substances dont come anywhere near the dentin.

With all these options, u dont have to glare at your spouse when they order ice cream anymore.. I know u brush before your date .. Just dont forget to brush thoroughly afterwards too :)
Cheers and keep that smile... Healthy!!!

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