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Why should you brush twice a day???

IF any of you have visited a dentist, you would have been advised to brush twice or thrice a day by most of them.
We aren't being overzealous on this, you know!!!

To understand why u should brush twice daily, you have to understand how cavities occur

Saliva plays a major role in clearing away most of the food debris on the teeth after a meal. This works fine for morning and noons. But after dinner, we go to sleep and saliva secretion is reduced when we sleep. Some of u may have realised this already by waking up with a parched throat and a dry mouth. So when , the major source of cleansing is gone, the debris accumulate on the tooth surface. This provides ready food for bacteria to breakdown and produce acids which dissolve the tooth structure producing cavities.

Hence brushing at night is crucial to cleanse the oral cavity.
Aren't you wondering then why should u brush in the morning???!!!!

Well.. Most toothpastes have materials in them like fluoride, which PREVENT the formation of cavities. Brushing also freshens your breath. Some even prevent the accumulation of tartar and thus protect you gums.

No more laziness then.. Take up your brush and make your teeth sparkle. ( Twice a day ;))

Cheers! Keep smiling..., healthy!!!


  1. Nice work!
    Post is really short and crispy! It s good that u began from the scratch so keep posting some of the basic things like this. Then you can jump to major dental issues! Good luck!!

  2. Thks Dr. after reading ur blog I made it a pont to brush twice a day.Expecting more post on Oral health

  3. Does constant brushing of teeth wear the teeth off ? Is excessive use of toothpaste bad ?

  4. Dear anon..

    Constant brushing in the WRONG WAY definitely causes tooth wear. There are certain brushing techniques which cause minimal wear and maximum cleansing. If you are not aware of these techniques, do drop in a line. Let me add that to the site.

    Excessive tooth paste is nt harmful as long as u dont swallow anything by mistake. If u do , it may cause diseases over a period of time.


  5. Hello Dr,

    In soaps, we used to buy seeing the more TFM content

    Like tht, is ther anything in toothpaste ?

    What Brand toothpaste and toothbrush u wil recommend

  6. Look if the toothpaste contains fluoride. Any toothpaste with fluoride is good. As for a toothbrush , any branded toothbrush with soft bristles may be used. DO NOT use tooth brushes with HARD bristles. Even medium bristles are damaging to the teeth and gums.

  7. Can over brushing remove the enamels of the teeths?

  8. no. brushing with wrong technique wears off enamel. Look out in the recent future for a blog on the correct brushing technique