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A Brush with Dentistry is a website that is going to brush you up on your knowledge about your teeth, gums and your oral health in "bite-size" articles.
Additionally, u can post your dental queries which may include your oral problems, questions about treatment options, questions about various diseases to dr.vidhyavenkat@gmail.com and expect a studied, knowledgeable reply from me in two working days. Further clarifications can be continued over email or IM.

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  1. Vidya this s really a uselful blog...

    tell abt mouth wash & dese chewing gums which come for teeth whitening...

  2. once i slept with a chocolate in my mouth. surprisingly after a couple of hours when i woke up, i found the chocolate still in same shape. whether the chocs get melted forcibly with saliva only?? without force they don't melt??

  3. Saliva can only erode the outer layers slowly.. u need the teeth to break down the food into small pieces and the n saliva acts on them to digest them. thats why when u chew, food gets into the pits and fissures on the tooth and bacteria act on it to produce cavitiies.