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Sweet Tooth!!!!

Chocolates cause cavities.. Do we throw them out??!!!! Oh No!! Thats never going to happen. Instead, let us look at ways to minimise cavities, while eating our favourite foods at the same time.
Cavities occur, when there is a sugary substance(substrate) on which bacteria can act and produce acid that attacks enamel on the tooth. The best substrate is simple carbohydrates like sucrose. The occurence of cavities also depend on .
Frequency of intake: More often foods or beverages with simple sugars are consumed, more oppurtunities for acid production and cavities.
Consistency and Time they stay on the teeth: The longer food remains in the mouth, the more time they offer for the bacteria to do their trick. Liquids ( fruit juices) are quickly cleared from the mouth, whereas solids (laddoos :P) adhere to tooth surfaces . However, liquids such as soft drinks which are sipped for a long period can contribute to tooth decay. Sticky foods (like soft candies) are exposed to tooth surfaces longer than non-sticky foods (hard candy). Sweetened chewing gum -- u chew and chew and chew and the bacteria have the greatest fun in their life producing all the acid they can.
Time of intake: Eating sweets along with meals is not as harmful as eating them in-between meals This is because of the increased saliva production during mealtime that cleanses the teeth better.
So.. your options for eating that huge bar of chocolate are:
1. Eat it along with your breakfast or dinner.
2. Brush your teeth well - immediately after.
3. Chewing a sugar-free xylitol gum after a chocolate which increases saliva. (not the gum in itslef.. the action of chewing does that)
4. Eating protective food like cheese or complex carbohydrates like fresh fruits.
5. Eat that chocolate once in a while.
Smiling now, are'nt you?!! And now, u can rest assured that that smile is going to stay healthy. Cheers!

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